O'Connell's Murals and Artwork

Work by Beth Amy O'Connell


Murals are added to rooms for many different reasons.  Some of them cover flaws in the wall, some make a room feel bigger, some are just for fun.  I strive to make beautiful works of art with every project I take on, and try to make the vision of the client along with my artistic flair a reality.  I hope you enjoy this glance at some of my projects.

Dining Room Mural

        This mural is one of two in a very elegant dining room.  The faux pediment was made to equalize the differant door sizes in the room.

Tuscan Kitchen


Asian Theater Room

I work with Futureview TV services out of Elysburg PA (www.futureviewtv.com) This was A theater where the client and their children were into martial arts so we themed the room with an Asian flair.  I faux finished the other walls in the room and added bamboo shoots coming up from the railing.  If you visit the futureview web site you can view other theaters that I have done walls in, and the finished version of this room.